Twenty-Sixth Amendment

Twenty-Sixth Amendment ‚Äč-18 year olds right to vote

Lord, the Twenty-Sixth Amendment made sure of the right of eighteen-year olds to vote. Congress could enforce this.

Lord, the reasoning was that eighteen year olds could serve in the military and should have voice in voting. It was decided that students could vote in their home town or in their college towns [they must be registered to vote]. Another reason young people should be able to vote is because of the massive federal debt they would inherit and because of foreign threats.They need to make the power of their votes felt.

Lord, grant our young people wisdom. May they see what is worth preserving. May they want stability and justice; may they not be mesmerized only by what is new and different. May worthy young people feel a responsibility to bring the Constitution into focus as a foundation. May they want a nation where there is freedom of choice, safety to speak and believe. May our churches raise young people who have faith in You, and see paths of service for the good of Your Kingdom and our nation.

Thanks for praying. Blessings. Nancy