Resurrect What Looks Dead

Breathe Life into the Dry Bones

Lord, we remember  Ezekiel. You took him to a valley filled with bones. You told him:”… prophesy to these bones to come back to life; call in skin, muscle, tissue…breath.” Ez. 37.4,7,9 They stood up, a vast army.

dry bonesLord, what about our valleys of dead bones, such as dead relationships. Help us go beyond attitudes to speaking life to those “bones.” Help us call in health, abundance, even restoration. Help us tell any addiction: we are free. Any debt? We are blessed by our Provider. We will lend and not borrow. God will resurrect what looks dead. He will make happen what we could never make happen!
Lord, change any way of negative speaking. Help us make positive declarations. It is not enough to believe, we must also speak! We must agree with You. You will do what You promise.
Thank you for praying. Blessings. Nancy

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