God’s Valiant Warrior

Lord, Gideon was cowering in a vine vat from the strong oppression of the Midianites. An angel said  to him “The Lord is with you, O mighty warrior!” Jud.6.12 Even though he was weak and afraid, You called him strong.!

Lord, when we feel inadequate, You call us able. “I can do all  things through Christ who strengthens me,” Paul told us. [Phip.4.13] Help us stand in the strength You see in us Help us see the work You have for each of us, and understand You will empower us to fulfill it.
Gideon didn’t know who he was. So it is You often have to convince us who we are! Help us not talk ourselves out of who You say we are! When You called Gideon, he had not yet done anything. Help us remember: we are nobodies until You make us somebody! He made excuses “I can’t talk.” You asked him “Who made your tongue!” [Ex/ 4/10.11]
Lord, help us remember we are valiant, able to fight battles, in You!
Thank you for praying. Blessings. Nancy