​Lord, each day is precious. We so easily squander our time. In the same way we can’t live over what is already lived. Times move in one direction.
We are different from You. You are above time. All time exists for You. We seem bound by clocks, watches and computers; yet we always seem out of time so often rushing, driven.
Lord, we excuse ourselves with “as soon as” conditions instead of acing now in some way that we can. At some point “as soon as” becomes “if only I would have.” Hindsight is so much stronger than future prediction.
Help us consider: what should we do with out time? How does our purpose line up with the abilities You gave us?
Lord, we would live in the now, fully!  We would not be caught up in what we cannot change. May we look to You for the future. Truly, You hold it in Your hands. We declare: we will trust You for our time!
Thanks for praying. Blessings. Nancy